The cat in pants addict

In this photo Johnny was again wanting to be right in the middle of me doing anything, at this point I was reading a magazine. I thought it was funny how her head lined perfectly up with the picture of a brain…which made me think how funny it’d be if it was her brain..which made me remember the kind of brain it was representing: an addicts. It’s a magazine on the science of addiction. I got back around to the sad, maddening aspects of addiction-an issue I care deeply about and am close to….but first-some humor. It started with picturing Johnny in clothes, never gets old imagining cats in pants. Then I pictured how she’d probably be a lounge singer who drank a little too much and got up on stage close to last call in clubs of 2 audience members to slur out a few classics. “Black Velvet” would definitely be a go to. Her best comebacks to people calling her out would be classic ones like “yoouuuuuu are” or “youuuuu do.” She’d wake up surrounded by Doritos and juice (it makes sense if you’ve been there…well, maybe even if you haven’t-that’s a really good combination). Yea you could say I imagined my cat as pieces of former me. It is, after all, easier to lighten up difficult times in life if you picture the subject as an animal in pants.

To sneak a little PSA in here…I highly recommend this magazine, currently on shelves in book stores to anyone affected personally or otherwise interested in spreading education on this epidemic:


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