With no words

Well…there’s some words, just not as many. Words have moved in and straight out of my head-not staying long enough to form thoughts. There’s something to be said for the stillness-it’s often where the most noise is, you just can’t see it. I’m reminded of this photo I took years ago…shared below. Every day I walked this path to work and it was all brick until suddenly-this flower appeared in full bloom. The brick was so still, quiet-giving no hint an entire life was forming underneath and would shoot out between the hardened cracks….but it did. I’m not saying a flower will shoot out of me in a few days, but something is happening underneath the stillness. Where’s Johnny in all this? Observing-not so quietly.

Also Happy Spring!


  1. Charlee: “Happy spring to you, too! That’s a very pretty flower!”
    Chaplin: “Yes it is! Can I eat it?”
    Charlee: “Chaplin, is there anything you won’t eat?”
    Chaplin: “If I ever find something, I’ll let you know.”

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