You got this

Maybe it’s because she doesn’t talk, maybe it’s because she needs me for food and litter box cleanliness-but Johnny provides some pretty sweet unconditional love. It’s consistent. I know people think cats are notorious for being the opposite, but this one always wants to interact in ways that let me know she’s there for me. In a world of chaotic inconsistency, I never get tired of knowing that when I walk in my door I’m met by another life force who wants to be with me-who wants me to be with them. And maybe I’m better at being there for her because she’s not a human, she doesn’t leave my house, she’s really cute-and the not talking thing….I’m still working on the whole human to human interaction being part of living piece.


  1. Ashley your posts are so full of praise of Johnny sometimes I think Johnny is updating the posts.

    If you are Johnny reading this comment please know that I love cats and they are the bests.😸😸

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