Whenever something new happens in my life that affects or challenges ways I’ve previously operated-well first I’m skeptical. Then I try to find where it’s probably not true, real, or will fail. Wait that might just be the same as being skeptical. That’s ok, it just means we’ve established I’m not great at differentiating things. There’s all kinds of ways things change, mostly I think it comes down to if I want something to work or not-it’s not the full cure (how I’d love to think my way through everything though), but I’ve noticed if I hate something I usually hate it working too. I write a lot about my cat because her interactions with me truly shift my perspectives (and she’s comforting, cute, snuggly, adorable, funny, jerky, smart, not so smart…and the reason I started this blog). In this case it’s hard to tell though-she’s exactly like me-she hates change! I really paid for the two shifts I attempted with her litter box placement…mostly with dirty looks. She still helps me calm with my changes-but I don’t take cues from how she handles hers.


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