I see you!

I can’t think of a better picture to go into September with than this one of Johnny. This is what she looks like when we play hide n’ seek. Yep, my cat and I crush that classic game. She climbs her perch, I hide behind the wall-and it’s on. We take turns peeking our heads out and each time she catches mine she lets this meow out that I think says “the hell you looking at?!” …. or “OH MY GOD how did you do that?!!” ….It depends on her mood whether her meow is fascinated or irritated. Either way we do this back and forth a few times and it’s possibly one of the hardest laughs I’ll ever have. We commence by running down the hall and jumping on my bed. It’s true, we’re like a combination of kids who live in a dorm together. And my life would suck without her.


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