Laying low

Well I’ve been down for the count lately due to more health issues. Looks like this is the year my body decided it would go all out on problems, be real needy and bossy. I don’t like it. I’m starting to wonder if my internal organs are competing. It’s hard to listen to my body when it’s not telling me something I want to hear…example-Body: “don’t do whatever you’re doing I hate it” Me: “don’t be a jerk, heal faster”… it usually brings us to an impasse. Once again, the only thing we have in common right now (yes I feel separated from my body) is that Johnny is pretty great. I mean..look at this love monster:


  1. Ashley, so sorry the healing is coming at a less than snappy rate. Be good to yourself, listen to what the bod knows.😩

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  2. Hi Ashley, wonderful to hear you are back and feeling better. Hope you continue to regain your strength and the famous Stewart/Burkin attitude. Haven’t had the opportunity to be around you, since you were very young, but know that you have a fighting spirit. I’m sure you had a wonderful few weeks with your mom. She is very special in many ways and I know she is totally supportive of you and your endeavors. Look forward to your next post.

    • Thank you! That was very healing and warm to read and I appreciate it. It was definitely nice having mom here to help out (and give my cat ice cream)! Sending lots of good thoughts your way😊

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