How it goes

Sometimes….or all the time, life really doesn’t match up with what I thought it would be. I didn’t think I’d have periods of time where I blogged once a month-but it sure is a month later than my last post. I’m not even sure where all that time went. I found a weighted dragon at target so that likely took a couple weeks of preoccupation. Add that to my weighted cat…I’m understanding where the whole month went under their spell. I was listening to a podcast last night at work and there was a bit on David Sedaris for Halloween. I laughed so hard I missed about 5 exits to the restaurants on my shift and it was worth it. Also some restaurants I frequent have started giving me samples of food while I wait and that’s fun. Fries and ice cream, yes please. I don’t mind waiting for things anyway so it’s just a bonus to chilling in a chair. When I see people come in yelling about how things aren’t done on time I want to ask them what their anger is really about….while I eat my ice cream. My therapist does that and it’s really helpful. Well, after I yell at her about how wrong she is.


  1. Hi,
    So nice to hear from you again; it has been quite awhile. I’m hoping all went well in the last month regarding your recovery, and that you are now stronger than ever. So enjoy your blogs and your insight into the masses that you meet at your job. Keep smiling and writing.

    • Thank you Elaine!! One of my favorite things about writing is getting interaction, and of course it’s extra special when it’s words like these from you. I really appreciate it!! Recovery has definitely gotten better by the day-much thanks to mom kicking it off 🙂 hope you have a great day❤️

  2. This is probably unprofessional so excuse me for this, but would you be interested in being a beta reader for me? I wanted to select ppl I trusted and you have been very supportive of my writing

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