Sitting in it

Sometimes things don’t work out. “No duh”, “that’s life”, “no shit”, “you’re just figuring that out?”, “it’s not that bad”, “it gets better”…etc. Those are common responses I’ve heard said to myself or others. I prefer my cat’s response: she stares at me. In turn I just get to sit in what’s going on without feeling (even if not intended by the other person) judged, dramatic, stupid, wrong or shamed. I think sometimes people’s responses don’t come from a place of hearing the other person, but rather from whatever emotion they’re holding about their own experiences. Or they want to fix how other’s feel. I’ve done that (still do unintentionally). It makes sense and I really don’t think people mean harm in what they say for the most part. It’s nice to express a hardship to someone and have them just sit with you in it though, know you’re not alone and however you feel is okay. I know my cat can’t talk so she has a leg up but I try to learn from her! Maybe staring at someone with no words would be weird…yea that would be weird. Figuring how to let myself “just be” is an ongoing process too, and identifying what to tell someone else would help. It’s a good space for all of us to keep learning how to help ourselves and each other experience and grow in life.


  1. Lol, cats are awesome. That’s why I will forever love my cat Checkers, but you’re right. Sometimes the best thing a person do is just sit there in silence. Presence is enough.

  2. I’d prefer the staring kind as well as the ones with empty or not fully felt / meant comments. I think people say it sometimes being uncomfortable with the situation or not knowing what to say.
    As far as growing, I think we constantly do and there is always something to learn. Thinking about you both and love you ❤️

  3. Hey! I really enjoyed reading your posts and stories with your cat. Do check out mine and follow/like to support a fellow blogger. Also, keep writing interesting posts!

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