My funny valentine

Around a year ago today I started this blog about the companionship between me and my cat Johnny. I may have even used this title but it’s worth repeating-describes her perfectly. It’s been 3 years since that little one came into my life on Valentine’s Day, changing everything that was so dismally wrong at the time and cushioning everything moving forward. This year I’m not with her but before I left I did our tradition: I make a mini heart shaped cake for myself (that she pretends to like then acts like it’s the worst thing she’s ever seen) and get her a tad of fish. I portion them on fancy plates and we eat together while I tell her all the reasons I love her (that she pretends to listen to then stares at a blank wall as if to say even it’s more interesting). We snuggle (if she wants to) and I feel grateful for how much she’s helped me navigate life. I’m pretty sure right now she’s either playing in a bag, wondering why she can’t catch birds through the window or plopping toys in her water dishes…but she joins me in wishing you all a very warm and loving Valentine’s Day.


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