The new what now?

Like everyone alive, I’m trying to figure this new normal, new life, new reality, new future, new present etc out. I’m not sure what to think most days. The days feel like minutes then weeks, hours then months….it’s a massive blend of existence. Johnny (my cat) is showing signs of “why are you here so much? You’re in MY afternoon nap spot”. We’re trying to figure it out. Since the closing of many parks I’ve had to explore neighborhoods for daily walks and on one route this goose seriously appears out of nowhere. I named her Collette because she’s very fancy. The other day she let me get very close and sat within a foot of me for a while. My body began to tingle, my mind got happier, I cried. I realized it was because another living presence was so close to me. I’m lucky to have Johnny but other than that I live alone and for the first time in my life have experienced almost a month of no human touch. For some this doesn’t matter, but I’m a touch person. I’m a hugger, a high-fiver, a pat on the backer, a side body bumper. I’m a consensual positive touch person and that damn goose made me realize I’m deep into touch deprivation and it’s insanely hard. I’m not sure what else to identify or talk about right now, I’m grateful like many and hopeful…I’m also in the midst of all this and thanks to Collette I’ve realized a hardship for me is lack of touch.


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