Hey hey hey May

Even if I looked at the date of my last post I wouldn’t understand how much time has gone by….damn. Days really are blending into seconds, hours, months…plants, weather, talking, sleeping-all the same thing. Today I put my laundry into the sink instead of the washer so I guess appliances are starting to blend too. Here’s highlights of my home time with Johnny: 1) we have a family of birds who are total assholes. I mean these guys really know how to tease cats and ruin hanging plants. 2) I find day of the week underwear very helpful. 3) I built a teepee in my living room because why not. 4) I got a label maker to amuse myself by putting random sayings on things. 5) I feel obligated to express how grateful I am before showing any pain. 6) This is the worst time to be an alcoholic, everything that labeled me a problem is the new normal. 7) I’m obsessed with Paint By Sticker books, my kitchen wall has gone from 1 to around 40 & I feel solid about it. 8) Man people haaattteeee it if you don’t take advantage of sunny days. Feeling tired or down doesn’t have to coincide with a rainy day. 9) I finally caved on TikTok but I’m holding out on The Tiger King. 10) Johnny is finally sick of me in her space so much. 11) My eyes are bloodshot from online forms of seeing people. 12) You can almost hear it under everyone’s breath when they see another person walking towards them “son of a BITCH!!!” I make the first move to the street to ease the tension. My heart goes out to everyone and though she’s glaring at me with little emotion, Johnny feels the same.


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