Sparkle on

It’s been a while! I’ve pulled back from screen time due to so much being…well, on screens. My brain can only take so much of this kind of connection before there’s eye bulging and headaches. Nonetheless my psyche has registered it as normal, when I see people in dreams they’re often behind a screen. Like most holidays I go out of my way to make a real party time for my single isolated pandemic self. It’s been nice to see friends in parks at a distance and get more routines back safely but I’ve still yet to be physically close to another human in over 3 months. I’m surprised Johnny is still so attached to me but damn, that cat loves our time together. Today I dressed up, did fun activities, danced, made fun foods and got some sparklers while watching only scenes of movies that are on the 4th of July. Pretty solid weird ass times holiday. Johnny has been amused by it all, or at least I like to think her long gazes say “man, you are so cool”. She’s a rare 4th of July pet in that she loves fireworks. She sits on the patio with me watching intently, maybe they’re like giant bugs she hopes to catch. Until we meet again, Johnny and I send air hugs.


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