Lights everywhere

I’m the person who puts Christmas up the day after thanksgiving. Once that pumpkin pie is gone I’m pulling out decoration boxes. I love having lights up everywhere inside and on the patio. The only way I get out of being depressed it’s nighttime outside at 4pm is knowing I get to turn on light-palooza at home. I also love seeing how everyone lights up their homes as I deliver food this time of year. The glimpses of people’s lives as they open the door is warming-I get a lot of kids in Christmas pajamas excited to greet me…maybe they think I’ll be Santa Claus but it’s still nice. This Christmas I brought back a tradition my family did when I was younger-we’d help a family in need for the holiday, get their list of gifts and needs, fulfill and deliver them. If you have the means and interest I highly recommend doing this, it’s another wonderful way to connect to others and share care. This year I chose a single older woman in need and I’ve loved piling up what I hope to be items she’ll open on Christmas and feel a little better with. It feels good to be part of something bigger, even if only a small gesture. If interested, most cities will have local programs through places like Salvation Army to help others out. However your holiday unfolds, Johnny and I send love & light….she’s seen in this picture endorsing some of the lights in our home (she could also just be staring at the tree and resenting the screen in between her and eating it).


  1. Hi,
    Wonderful thought in your blog. It’s taken me a week to read it, as I have been busy with all of the Christmas jobs that seem to totally engulf all females. Every year I try to become more organized, and you would think after 74+ years I would have it tackled! Alas, I just finished wrapping the last of the gifts.
    One of our sons and his family went to Hawaii for Christmas, so I don’t have to mail their gifts until the 31st, so that they will arrive on the 3rd when they return, for the 2nd Christmas. That did help my crunch in the wrapping and decorating of presents. Love your suggestion about adopting a family or person at this time of the year. We always contribute to our local food supply store, it serves anyone in need.
    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
    Love to you both and keep smiling!

    • Thank you so much!!! Sounds like you’ve had a busy holiday season indeed!! And how lovely you contribute to your local food supply store that’s so kind and helpful. I hope all your christmases are filled with joy and that going into the new year is good too! Mom and dad get here this week to be with me for a second Christmas and then the new year! Sending love and light from us all ❤️

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